Welcome to Website of The American Reefer Society!  Come in and relax, kick back and enjoy a smoke with us!
marijuana_avatarAmerican Reefer, A Marijuana Society,  an American collective of information on growing and using Marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. American Reefer is helping people grow and use their Marijuana and provides direct assistance for Medical Marijuana Users across the United States of America.
 MMJ002AmericanReefer.com is a Marijuana Information Website that’s packed and loaded with information on Marijuana, Marijuana Medication, Growing, Cooking, Experimenting, and Using Marijuana!Learn the best and most productive ways for growing Marijuana! Learn how to grow using dirt, water, or aeroponics!  Learn to make your own equipment, make your own pipes and vaporizers, make your own Cloners, make your own tinctures, oils, and salves, make your own hemp rope, Whether your a beginner, or a seasoned expert, everyone has something to share so come on in and make yourself at home!

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